My beautiful saddle arrived  safe and sound and though I’ve only had the opportunity to have a short ride, fits both of us beautifully. 
The extensive measuring system is very accurate and I’m happy to recommend you to others who may not live in Canada. 

Catherine Street {Trail Riding} ~ Victoria, Australia 

I am delighted with my new saddle , it is worth every dollar and I would not hesitate to buy another.

My horse has had 3 saddles since I have owned him from a youngster and none of them really fit that well, but with pads that help a bad fit we got by… I have been searching for a saddle for the past 2 years and couldn’t really find what I would consider a custom fitting saddle for my horse, until my farrier recommended Cloete Saddles. Lucky for me you are now here in BC! I couldn’t get to the phone fast enough to call you & after our first fitting my head was spinning with the knowledge you were telling me about fitting and measuring a horse properly. Right then I knew I was buying a saddle with out a doubt.

3 months later and a two hour fit for me and the horse, wow, I felt at home in the saddle right away; even my horse was licking his lips.

We have had the saddle for a week and my horse is moving fantastic, my riding feels terrific and my horse finally sweats in all the right places. This whole experience was terrific & lovely quality workmanship to every detail exactly what I asked for in a saddle.

Thank you so very much for all the patience and time you both spent with me to make sure I was happy.

Julie Carter {Reining} ~ Saanichton, Vancouver Island, BC

‘And thank you for Franco Cloete owner of Cloete Saddles for crafting me the perfect saddle that fits me and my mare perfectly. I was finished compromising fit of horse vs rider. Now I have them Both!!’

Christine Tomlin {Mounted Archery/Trails} ~ Manitoba, Canada


 We were fortunate to spend a gruelling 3.5 hrs with Franco on a final saddle fitting for Alaya and her boy Festus. Festus is a Friesian TB cross standing 18 HH and has an old hip injury which over his 15 years of life, has caused his right side to atrophy making saddle fitting a major challenge. Alaya developed physical issues due to fighting her old saddle and Festus fighting his old injury and way of going. Franco did an initial fit back in April and last night through many trials and adjustments and 3 long hours of riding, Franco found a balance that works for Alaya and Festus. Franco was the first to determine the rib cage muscle issue on Festus and with the new saddle and final adjustments, Alaya and Festus ended their ride on a solid comfortable note.
THANK YOU FRANCO!!! and family for sticking out a difficult fitting and “lop-sided” horse. Without you, your knowledge, patience and passion for producing an amazing saddle that fits both Alaya and Festus, we would continue to struggle.

We are very happy with our custom saddle from Cloete Saddles. Franco was amazing to deal with and the saddle is beyond Quality and Comfort for it’s price!! Highly Recommend!

Linda/Alaya Verishine {Trails/Dressage} ~ Krestova, BC, Canada

Thumbs up for Cloete Saddles!

I have tried a number of different saddles and by far the Cloete Saddle fits my personal horse the best, as it was made for him.

I have 3 Cloete Saddles.

The first one I got for a couple of my Quarter Horses and just received the third, which I ordered for my wife’s Icelandic.

My horse is a different horse under this saddle – moves out way more freely. And it’s super comfy for me too.

Laszlo Klementis {Long Distance -/Endurance rider} ~ Chilliwack, BC, Canada


I just want to thank you both for finding time to fit me in during your busy and chaotic schedule. The customer service you provide is exceptional and very much appreciated.

Suzanne Regnier-Tront {Western Pleasure/Dressage} ~ Stonewall, MB, Canada

I thought that I had bought a new saddle, but find that I have bought a new horse!

I have always considered Topaz to have a ‘bumpy’ trot, but in the last few days his stride has lengthened and he is so much more comfortable to ride. He can even happily trot downhill, when he used to be slow and tentative at the walk.

And for me, the saddle is very comfortable now that you have sorted out the stirrups. A huge than you!

I consider myself to be extremely smart to have bought a Cloete Saddle before they become unavailable.

Lucy Collings  {Trail Riding} ~ Vancouver, BC, Canada

Just wanted to reach out and say that I am so impressed with the saddle you made!!! I can’t get over how balanced I am and how easy it is to sit all gaits!!! Even did a roping clinic this summer.

I absolutely love my saddle!! It’s the best saddle I’ve ever owned!!!!

Bailey Nickel {Western Dressage/Ranching} ~ Northern Alberta, Canada