About Cloete Saddles

Being family owned and operated, Cloete Saddles prides itself in good, old-world business courtesies, making our clients’ needs a priority and ensuring the equines that carry our saddles are well taken care of.  Cloete Saddles offers personalized service throughout the entire process of identifying a rider’s specific saddle requirements to acquiring the ideal saddle package.


Franco was born and raised under a generous African sun and has been a horseman since a very young age. Years of riding, piqued Franco’s curiosity for designing trees & creating saddles, eventually kindling an acute awareness – and subsequent research & study – of the unbound potential for the improvement of the saddle systems used in the worldwide equine community. Having been established in the international saddle industry since the 90’s, Franco’s journey as a trendsetting saddle designer & saddle maker continues on its dynamic course, as he follows the ever-changing needs of riders and equines in the market. Cloete Saddles are purposely designed and crafted with both horse and rider in mind. Today, Franco can affirm that Cloete Saddles’ products are well tried and tested and that Cloete Saddles is one of few saddle manufacturers in the equine saddle industry that designs and builds custom fitting saddles & trees, incorporating the 5 key points of adjustability.

Being a family business, Franco has his son-in-law Levi help fill in the gaps when production picks up. They enjoy working together.