Associate Saddle Fitters

Cloete Saddles has a team of skilled and dedicated saddle fitters serving Canada, South Africa, and the Netherlands.  If you would like to book an in-person consultation, we encourage you to reach out to an Associate Saddle Fitter in your area.  Don’t see an Associate in your area?  Ask us about do-it-yourself assessment options using our Back Profile Measuring System.

Mainland BC & Kootenays

Franco Cloete
1-403-336-8887 or 1-855-828-8887

Saskatchewan & Western Manitoba

Christine Johnston

Netherlands & European Union

Siem Budding

Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands

Alec Wheeler

Northern Alberta

Jody Schulze-McMann

South Africa & Namibia

Marilize Cloete
084-077-7031 or 084-225-1339

Calgary & Southern Alberta

Tralauney Thomas

Ontario & Eastern Canada

Holly Barnett