Mounted Archery Saddle

One thing that has become prevalent in the rapidly expanding realm of ‘Mounted Archery’ – horseback archers worldwide have for the longest time expressed an urgent need for a saddle that would fulfill their specific requirements for this specialized riding discipline – while elegantly retaining authenticity.
This is why our Cloete Mounted Archery Saddle is an exceptional product that has been carefully designed, based on the ancient, classic-traditional Kassai saddle, yet incorporating modern functionality and contemporary fitting methods.
Our Mounted Archery saddle holds a certain quality of singularity and offers the following features –
– built on SQ-bars (3¾” x 90°)
– self-adjusting cable rigging
– adjustable stirrup position
– western latigo or 2-point billet system option
– 20-21″ sweat flap drop-length
– ergonomically shaped leather pommel-extension
– handy footman loops for attaching quivers, breast collar or seat-covers.
– 5″ cantle to keep the rider in ‘shoot-ready’ position
– draw-down seat
The purpose of our Mounted Archery Saddle is to offer horseback archers a more affordable, yet quality generic product , built on standard 3 3/4″ x 90/SQ-bars, but with all the adjust-ability features of a custom Cloete saddle and without compromising comfort and functionality.
Please note: our standard/generic fit Mounted Archery saddle package does not include the luxury of custom options e.g. leather colour, custom tooling, thigh rolls, custom tree, etc., yet these upgrades could be added to the standard package.

Sheep-shearling Seat Cover

One of our most recent products added to the Cloete Saddles Mounted Archery product collection, is a snug-fitting, protective sheep-shearling seat cover – contoured for comfort and true to our honorable quest for improving our clients’ riding experiences. Due to the fact that horseback archers are often in a raised shooting position and spend short periods of time in their saddle, our MA-saddle has a draw-down seat, instead of a padded, adjustable seat (which makes our full custom saddles super comfy BTW), therefore horseback archers who are concerned about their comfort, should probably consider throwing in one of these premium seat covers.

Mounted Archery Shim-able Saddle Pad

The reasons a custom-fit Mounted Archery saddle may not be an absolute necessity for many horseback archers, is that they typically don’t spend long hours in the saddle (as training-/competition-runs take place in structured relays), and also, MA-saddles are often used on a variety of horses, which makes achieving a perfect individual custom fit pointless.
This is where our shim-able Mounted Archery saddle pad would play a crucial role in acquiring satisfactory saddle-fit as it is specifically designed to assist our clients in successfully fitting their generic MA-saddles to multiple horses. In this youtube video, Franco explains how the Shim-able Mounted Archery Saddle Pad works.
In the event that a custom Mounted Archery saddle tree is required for a specific horse, we would follow a process of obtaining an individual horse’s unique back profile formula in order to construct their custom tree.