Barefoot Hoof Trimming

Not only is a custom-fit saddle essential for the well-being of your horse, but also healthy feet and healthy teeth!
The Cloete family is passionate about barefoot hoof care and with Franco having previously worked as a farrier for many years in South Africa, gaining valuable experience in this unique equine field, the logical next step for him was to pursue the more natural route of barefoot trimming, supporting our quest to improve the riding experience of horses and riders.

Our beautiful Cloete-logo even had a ‘face-lift’ done by ‘Solid Stuff Creative Studio’  Graphic Design – Solid Stuff Creative Studio to reflect four natural equine hooves, with a Celtic infinity knot depicting the frog, symbolizing the strength we find in balance and unity. 

We are currently accepting new clients & horses in need of reliable bare foot hoof care and serving the Kootenay Lake area (Creston, Gray Creek, Crawford Bay, Queens Bay, Nelson, Crestova, Castlegar and Slocan Valley)