Cloete Saddles

Being family owned and operated, Cloete Saddles prides itself in good, old-world business courtesies, making our clients’ needs a priority and ensuring the equines that carry our saddles are well taken care of. Our saddles are masterfully crafted to satisfy the unique needs of each individual horse and rider.

Tradition Meets Innovation

With a blend of time-honoured craftsmanship and groundbreaking innovation, Cloete Saddles is a leader in contemporary saddle making. Leveraging years of hands-on experience along with in-depth research and development, our adjustable saddles are unrivalled in both form and function.

Customization and the Creative Process

Cloete Saddles provides personalized service throughout the entire process of identifying a horse’s and rider’s unique needs. From fit and function to aesthetics and special detailing, we’ll help you find your dream saddle package. Take a browse through our custom saddle options and get inspired!

Franco Cloete:
Saddle Maker's Story

Franco Cloete was born and raised under a generous African sun and has been a horseman since a very young age. Over 25 years of intensive saddle research and development has enabled Franco to establish himself as an innovator in the global custom saddle industry. And the R&D never ends…