Downloadable Equine Back Profile Measuring System


How we came to use this standardized measuring system


“I have not invented anything new; all I have done is to collect the measurements of horses’ backs. It was creating a simple and easy-to-use system for collecting this information, that is the revolution. The following system is an attempt to simplify this mystical procedure.”

Dennis Lane’s words.

We first encountered this brilliant measuring system when we met Dennis Lane at a presentation on a ranch in southern Alberta, Canada. (Hans van Hees previously shared the system with him, and in turn we incorporated it into our saddle business also.) The purpose of this system, has been to distribute it to saddle makers and tree makers worldwide, in order to have a standard method of tree fit classification, which can seamlessly be communicated and interpreted by everyone, everywhere, which makes perfect sense, as all are using the same ‘language’ in order to avoid miscommunication.

After thorough use of Dennis Lane’s system, we enhanced this elegant measuring concept and developed it further so that its absolute accuracy has proven to
be consistently reliable. We are pleased to give credit to those who have gone before us and are most appreciative of the expertise, technique and information shared with fellow saddle – and tree makers, who in turn continue to improve the quality of service provided to their clients.

What does this measuring system entail?

The cards in this downloadable file we’re offering our clients, have been designed to classify an equine’s back according to the width, angle, rock and twist. This set of information enables us to create a custom tree to fit the horse’s body type.