The Process

From the initial contact to the delivery and fitting of our saddles, we are committed to assisting you every step of the way to ensure the best experience possible.

Initial Contact

Connect with us by phone at 1(403)336-8887 or by email at to discuss your saddle needs and acquire more information about our custom-tailored Cloete saddles.

You can either book your initial assessment with one of our representatives/saddle fitters in your area, or we will send you a kit with clear instructions for measuring your horse’s back yourself.

Back Profiling Consultation

Cloete Saddles uses a tried & tested measuring system that records data for a range of ten back profile measurements, which are assimilated into a 3-D profile. This data is then interpreted to custom craft a unique, custom saddle tree. Our trees are built with careful consideration of an equine’s conformation, condition, breed, age and the applicable riding discipline(s). We always aim to obtain the best static and dynamic fit and provide/suggest effective solutions for problem solving.

Choose From Our 20 Cloete Saddle Models

We have a large range of Cloete Saddle designs which cater to various riding disciplines. 

We have your traditional all-round, traditional/ladies wades, ropers, barrel racers and reiners – catering to the western horsemen and women of today.

We have competitive riders choice of our English,  endurance and trail saddles.

For those looking for something to suit a less traditional horse and rider pair, we have a mounted archery saddle, Australian stock saddle and our signature patrol saddle.

 And of course if you ride for pleasure we have everything in between. Head over to our saddle model page to find the saddle you’re looking for!

View a gallery of all the models here.

Determine Your Saddle's Leather Colour

Colour is everything. We use only the best quality leather available… to craft our Cloete Saddles (i.e. harness tanned leather, which remains in a tanning pit for four to six weeks). This specialized tanning process does not interfere with the integrity of the leather fibres and the result is strong, lustrous hides that display class and durability.

Specify Border Tooling Options

From Greco style all the way to Aztec, you can personalize the edge tooling & carving style on your saddle.

Click here to see all the border options. 

Decide on Trimming Options

​This is where you add your creative input to your saddle design. Choose your saddle’s trimmings! Click here to see all the reveal options. 

Select Your Stirrups

Your choice of stirrups adds the final touch to the design of your saddle. Make sure to choose a set of stirrups that best suits your needs. Your choice of stirrups adds the final touch to the design of your saddle. Make sure to choose a set of stirrups that best suits your needs.

Delivery and Fitting

Most saddles shipped within Canada will ship via Canada Post. Deliveries beyond Canada’s borders are placed in the capable hands of DHL Express which safely ships our Cloete Saddles to wherever on Earth our clients are located.